Financial Life Planning

Comprehensive Financial Life Planning

Our comprehensive financial life planning process, "Your World Map", is broken up into six phases - Discovery, Input, Design, Delivery, Implementation, and Review. The process typically takes about a year to fully complete, though the time frame does vary by client. If the relationship continues beyond the first year, the process is often revisited - at least partially. Life changes, so we want to make sure the client’s strategy adapts with it.

The fee schedule for comprehensive financial life planning ranges from $2,400 to $6,000 a year. The first year is billed half upfront and the remainder in equal monthly payments. If the arrangement carries on beyond the first year, the annual fee is billed monthly.

  • Discovery

    Discovery begins during our complimentary first meeting and continues through the first few months of the financial life planning arrangement. Discovery is about getting to know who you are and building your Character Sheet. The Character sheet is a profile of your values, quests, and how you prefer to work with a planner.

    During the Discovery process we will typically meet bi-weekly to keep the information fresh and maintain momentum in the arrangement.

  • Input

    Input begins once we feel we have a good understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish. During the input phase we have two primary focuses. The first focus is getting clear and specific financial data to base the plan off of. The second focus is prioritizing your quests until we figure out the proper method and sequence to address them. Once we identify your main quest, we will start to generate some ideas of how the plan should be built.

    Meetings in the Input process remain bi-weekly.

  • Design

    The Design process begins when the main quest is identified. The focus of the design process is to build a strategy focused around addressing the main quest, while still allowing for as much progress toward any of your other quests as possible. The Design process is collaborative, we want to build a plan that excites you.

    Meetings in the Design process typically take place on a monthly basis, and usually take two or three meetings. There may be more meetings in the Design process depending upon the complexity of the issues involved in the plan.

  • Delivery

    The Delivery process takes place after the collaboration between the client and the planner has produced an actionable, exciting plan. Delivery involves the plan report and a thorough review of the analysis the planner has done. The plan itself is composed of the data and strategies that were built through the process prior to Delivery and is laid out over 20-30 pages. The plan remains accessible and editable online in our software for ongoing review and changes.

    In addition to the larger plan, you will receive a 1-2 page Quest Log comprised of action steps to achieve everything shown in the plan.

    The Delivery process is usually completed in one meeting.

  • Implementation

    Implementation begins once the plan is delivered and explained to the client. Implementation is the process of following and completing each action step in the Quest Log. This involves making the real changes that the plan recommends. During Implementation we will typically spend a meeting on each major strategic change before executing on it. We place a high priority on education during this process, as we always want you to understand the hows and whys.

    Meetings during the Implementation phase are conducted as needed.

  • Review

    Review begins at the conclusion of our Implementation process, or at the annual anniversary of the plan. The purpose of the Review process is to monitor the results of any implemented changes and revise our strategy if needed. Life happens, and we will adapt..

    The entire financial life planning process is often completed once per year with our clients. However, less time is needed for Discovery, Input, and Design in subsequent years

Project-Based Financial Life Planning

Our project-based financial life planning process, "Your Mini Map", is broken up into four phases - Discovery, Input, Design, and Delivery. The process borrows a great deal from the comprehensive financial life planning process, but is different in scope. The goal of the project-based plan is to help the client address a more limited number of concerns, which are defined in the first Discovery meeting.

Potential topic areas include, but are not limited to: Benefits Optimization, Budgeting and Cash Flow, Home and Other Large Purchases, Insurances, and Investments.

The fee schedule for project-based financial life planning is intentionally flexible and is based on the scope of the relationship, but ranges from $500 to $4,000. This fee is paid half at the beginning of the arrangement, and half upon plan delivery.